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Press The Button Now!!! Press The Button Now!!!

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


This is merely an unoriginal take on an unoriginal genre. It's not fun, entertaining, challenging or worthwhile; just unoriginal and useless.

Sorry to be so harsh, but frankly that's how I feel about it...

1/10 and 0/5.

Pebble Land Pebble Land

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Let me start by saying that I appreciate the effort you put in to this game; especially considering it's your first completed game.

That said, there was no sound (or music), the hit detection was a fair bit off, the play area was too small with too much negative space surrounding it, the environments were bland and repetitive and it had no overall story or goal. A lack of story or goal could be overlooked if the gameplay were compelling and the visuals were impressive, but neither of these are true in this game's case, unfortunately.

Think about adding some of the elements I suggested and I suspect you'll have a winner, but currently this just isn't fun, which is what a game is ideally supposed to be. Also, what happens at the end? The player just pressed a switch? If that's it, you'd best think of some more interesting features to lengthen the playing experience.

3/10 and 1/5 for the effort it took to produce this, as well as the death screen graphic.

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ChrisCookie responds:

Thanks for the review, and thanks for your honesty, I'm currently working on pretty much everything you mentioned. I suppose a story would help quite a bit, thanks for bringing it up. :)